TMPros offers VEEAM Backup for FAST Recovery

TMPros utilizes Veeam technology to backup and replicate your files. What is VEEAM?

Veeam Backup & Replication delivers lightning-fast, reliable restore at your fingertips for entire VMs, individual files and application items giving you low recovery time objectives (RTOs) of < 15 minutes.

  • Restore entire VMs in minutes with Instant VM Recoveryâ„¢
  • Recover individual files effortlessly with Instant File-level Recovery
  • Restore quickly and easily from Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, NetApp and HP storage snapshots and more with Veeam Explorerâ„¢!
  • Recover an entire Microsoft SQL Server database, Microsoft Active Directory objects and MORE!


With VEEAM, we can recover your failed systems in minutes. Find out more by going to

If you don’t have Veeam, we have other tools to recover lost data. Whether you suffered from a hard drive crash or an accidental deletion, TMPros will help you recover your lost data. There are many reasons you may find yourself in a data recovery situation. If your backup failed or you have missing files, rest assured, TMPROS can help.

TMPros has the tools and the know how to recover your data. If you have found yourself in a lost data situation, call us today at 888 955-7767 and we will analyze your situation and help you save thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Cloud Computing Options

Through our partnership with, TMPros offers Desktop as a Service and cloud based servers to completely virtualize your environment making local back ups obsolete. With dincloud’s virtual desktops and servers, you don’t have to buy large servers and pay thousands of dollars for local storage area networks. It’s all backed up in redundant data centers.

This solution is perfect for growing companies who don’t want to expend large amounts of cash because you lease your servers and desktops on a monthly basis. You don’t have to worry about local backups and high IT overhead because your infrastructure is easily managed in the cloud. Data is quickly recovered in the event of corruption and you don’t have to worry about fire, theft or natural disasters because your data is redundantly stored in several data centers across the U.S.

To find out more about how your company can go virtual, call us today at 888 955-7767 or fill out our Quick Contact Form to the right.