Principal Owners

Baron Wolt
Baron is a technology leader who has been advising, planning, and directing company’s technology both large and small for 20 years. He spent his early years with 20th Century Fox as a senior network engineer and operations manager and most recently worked with companies in Northern Nevada such as VRP LLC, Northwest Territorial Mint, and Server Technology Inc. Baron also spent a year consulting for the Wynn Las Vegas restructuring operations and implementing disaster recovery. Baron’s vision and hand’s on friendly approach has helped many companies navigate the ever changing face of technology.

Michael Hull
Michael served as the Chief Information Officer at Livingston Medical Group for over 7 years before leaving to build TMPros. Prior to that he was a senior network engineer for Vision Computers and manager for Neotech Computers managing the networks of scores of businesses and thousands of computers in Merced County. He was the chief architect for one of the first federally funded pilot EHR implementations in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Michael is considered by many to be a leader in Healthcare Information Technology in California.

Our IT Team

Each of our team members have special skills including years of experience teaching Microsoft engineering courses, application development, VMware, Microsoft Servers 2000 thru 2012, Cisco certifications, database design, Linux, and PC/Networking certifications. From application development skills to the latest cloud computing technologies, our team possesses numerous certifications, degrees and skill sets to help you solve any IT problem. They all have excellent experience in the management and trouble shooting of IT systems. We hire only experienced network engineers and technicians.

Who We Are

TMPros is a team of high level technical experts with the experience and technical skills to manage, guide and lead your technology now and in the future. Our staff has years of experience working for businesses in Central California, Northern Nevada, San Diego, Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico. We specialize in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, mortgage industry, real estate, law and many other business areas.

Our company is solid and growing. We have many happy customers who you may talk to about our customer service, technical leadership and reliability. Our goal is to take the hassle out of computers and networks so you can focus on your job. We are also available to help guide your technical decisions and make technology work with and for you instead of against you.

What makes us different!

The TMPros team is professional. We dress professional, we speak in a professional manner, and we act professional. All of our technicians and management team care about your reputation as much as our own. We are here to serve our clients. We understand that not everyone knows IT like we do. We will not look down or make fun of any user. Nor will we discourage any user from asking questions. We know why we are at your business. The reason we are there is to help you in any way we can. You can count on us to fulfill that promise.

What we can do for you!

TMPros will improve the “up time” of computers, networks, routers and other equipment through diligent efforts and automated systems to warn of impending dangers. We will establish high level firewalls and layers of defense for your confidential files. Our team will monitor your servers, computers and networks 24/7 365 days a year. We will be there when needed to assist your staff and we will keep your servers and network up, running, and safe.

Instead of having a “guy” or a couple of guys that have IT experience, you will have a team of highly trained IT professionals with decades of experience. You will have a team with knowledge of numerous platforms and operating systems. We don’t go on vacation or call in sick. We come through for our clients. We will come through for you.

We offer cloud services as dinCloud’s exclusive IT Partner. As our customer, you get world class server hosting and top notch customer service as well. We are the experts dinCloud relies on to manage servers and desktops for their customers. Call us today at 888-955-7767 to find out how we may be of service or just fill out our Quick Contact form and we’ll get right back to you.