We have supported manufacturers for over a decade!

TMPros has been managing the information technology manufacturers and farmers since the early 2000’s. We have worked with ladder manufacturers, vitamin companies, cotton producers, tomato processors, almond growers/processors and many other companies throughout Central California and Northern Nevada. In that time, we have worked with owners and CEO’s to improve workflow through better IT.

Business experience makes all the difference!

Our business experience in manufacturing is the difference between us and other IT companies. Because we know workflow and many industries, we can help decision makers get the most out of information technology. We provide solutions to complex manufacturing processes that our competition doesn’t understand. We bring years of experience at the IT director level in the (Construction Industry and vitamin manufacturing) with many more years managing the IT of manufacturers as a managed services provider.

If you have an IT guy or are paying high priced consultants to solve your IT problems, now is a good time to have TMPros manage your help desk, servers, storage and other IT functions. We offer competitive FLAT rates for basic and advanced services that you can afford. To find out how we can offer you a better solution today, just call 888-955-7767 or fill out our Quick Contact form.