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It is difficult to keep up and manage any business’ IT infrastructure and plan for the future, and assure business continuity all on your own. Let TMPros take that weight off your shoulders so you can get back to what you do best – making money.

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Our focus is to fuel your success and make IT worries a thing of the past

Managed IT Services saves you money & increases your bottom line

We fit our service to the needs of your business – and your budget


Utilize our enterprise-level cloud delivery for significant cost reduction.

TMPros grants businesses like yours additional computing options that work to increase your company’s efficiency and productivity; and helps you avoid the capital expenses that come along with the purchase state-of-the-art technology.

Be sure to ask us about other cloud solutions, such as:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Cloud Email, Office 365, Google for Work, Hosted Exchange
  • Mail Assure, Email Filtering and Archiving
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Hosted Security and Backup

With TMPros’s virtualization solutions, we are able to set up, manage, and support your organization’s computing infrastructure.

An IT consultant with your company’s best interest in mind.

We understand the technology-latent issues that keep you up at night. You may have questions such as, “How will I grow my business while minimizing expenses?”, or, “How will I protect my data from situations like natural disasters and all the malicious entities out there?”

You aren’t alone.

Many business owners and executives at small and midsized businesses are tearing their hair out trying to come up with solutions for some of the most frustrating and time-consuming issues their company faces. At TMPros we deal in solutions!

Cloud Hosted VoIP Solutions

The traditional business telephone solution is showing its age. In lieu of the Internet and online technologies like the cloud, organizations are finding it difficult to justify keeping a traditional phone line for their communications solutions. Considering how difficult it is to scale a traditional PBX phone system to accommodate for growth, businesses want a more dynamic solution that’s in line with their current, and future, needs.

With a cloud VoIP solution from TMPros, your business can finally cut expensive telephone services out of your budget, and replace them with flexible solutions designed to address your organization’s communications needs. By taking advantage of a service that you already use – the Internet – to secure the communication platforms your company requires while removing unnecessary service costs.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

New options to help your business sustain itself should disaster strike.

Disaster recovery has moved to the cloud, and now you can leverage this solution to ensure that your files are protected and that your operational downtime is kept to a minimum. At TMPros we’ve been a nationwide leader in backup and recovery solutions for some time, and now we can offer your organization a solution that will work to protect your business from the lost revenue that typically accompanies a data-loss event.

At TMPros, we have already established ourselves as the industry’s most reliable managed IT services vendor. Part of a comprehensive managed IT services plan is to address an organization’s business continuity strategy. The more data your organization has, the more important the protection of it becomes.

Find out how we can save you money and simplify your technology infrastructure.


Every business needs an IT plan. TMPros will tailor an IT plan to fit your specific business requirements.


TMPros’s remote monitoring solution is designed to detect potential issues in your organization’s infrastructure. This helps us repair and resolve the issue before it causes a budget-breaking problem.


Advanced security systems help protect your data and keep your business up and running.


If you are searching for a solution to support your company’s crucial end-point technology, look no further than TMPros.

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