TMPros Highlights

TMPros in Action!

TMPros has a wide variety of experiences that we would like to share.

Managed major project for the IMF (International Monetary Fund)

Supporting SCADA systems in complex municipalities from large to small

Designed Privatized Cloud for our clients who demand top tier security, performance, and responsiveness from our engineers.

Was the lead on multiple mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic Partners with Microsoft(Azure/365), AWS, Juniper, Tesco, ScaleMatrix, EQUINIX, Breach Assurance, Airespring, TamCloud

Designed multiple NOC's (Network Operation Center)

Lead 4 different major ERP migrations

Managed 5 to 10,000+ node networks with a variety of complexity

We are the top tier support for numerous other Managed Service Providers and Cloud Providers.

Rescued multiple companies from ransomware

Contributor to developing KVM kernel in Linux

Lead on multiple EHR migrations (Electronic Health Records)

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