Disaster Recovery

Plan for the Unthinkable

The Time to Put a Plan in Place is Now

Don’t get caught without a Disaster Recovery plan in place. TMPros offers many different recovery plan options. We will create a plan to match the size and needs of your business. A recovery plan is the most important safeguard you can put in place for your business’ future continuity.


Small Businesses

Close after a disaster.


Small Businesses

Do not have a disaster recovery plan in place


Small Businesses

Say it would take at least three months to recover from a disaster



...that close due to a major disaster never reopen

What Are The Parts of a Great Disaster Recovery Plan?

There are many different options for off site backup and recovery. The TMPros process starts with a comprehensive plan fit to your needs.

Realistic Planning

Proper disaster recovery planning includes a realistic plan to get back to normal operations. Just backing up your server, documents or data is not enough.

Off-Site Backups

Without an offsite backup you run the risk of losing your data in a natural disaster or theft.

Automated Testing

How do you know your ready for a disaster? With automated testing and restore verification, you can rest easy knowing that you have a valid backup.

A Responsive Team

No disaster recovery is full automated. TMPros responsive knowledgeable technicians are there to help you through any disaster.

TMPros Managed Backup Solutions

Onsite ``Speed Vault``

TMPros managed onsite “speed vault” with replication to the cloud. This option utilizes local storage for speed of backups and restores, then replicates to the cloud for archival. With the cloud backup, we are able to do “bare metal” restores from both the local storage and the cloud backup as well in case of local failure. We recommend a device like an IOSafe which is waterproof and fireproof for the local storage.

Managed Cloud Backups

TMPros managed cloud backups. We directly backup servers and workstations directly to the cloud. The speed greatly depends on the local ISP speed however, after the first full backup it will then perform full differentials at a greatly reduced time. We are able to do both file level restores as well as full “bare metal” server restores.

Replicate On Premise Infrastructure

A third option is to have a full replication of your on premise servers to infrastructure in the cloud. We will basically have a mirror of your applications and data to servers in the cloud. In the event of local failure, we can then direct traffic to servers in the cloud. We can also then back those servers up to a different data center for complete DR ability.

Work Directly in the Cloud

A fourth option is to remove on premise servers and/or workstations and work directly in the cloud with replication to another data center for complete DR ability. This is a great option for some companies who do not want to hassle with maintaining local servers and workstations as well as licensing for the operating system. This is also a great options for companies who want a much higher availability for their systems because the cloud offers redundancy and higher resources than what small and medium sized companies generally have.

We Will Bring You Peace of Mind

Secure your business before the unthinkable happens.

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We recently just had to perform a DR plan due to the flooding in Sparks NV. The company was threatened with flooding so the building had to be evacuated. TMPros immediately help switch all IT Business functions and applications to replicated servers in the cloud. We then set up a mini office with PC’s in a local hotel conference room with connectivity to the cloud. The users were able to come in that morning and were able to work right away without any loss of functionality.

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