Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Response

Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Response

Leverage Cloud Stability for your Dekstop Environment

TMPros is dedicated to maintaining a maximum level of service during this worldwide emergency. Please submit tickets through normal channels.

Enhanced Remote Triage

To protect your organizations and our staff, TMPros will conduct additional remote triage before dispatching technicians onsite. Normally technicians are dispatched based on Tier 2 approval. While Enhanced Remote Triage is in effect, our Tier 3 technicians will review a ticket for additional resolution options.

Public Health Agencies

TMPros is following the guidance of local health public health departments and/or other agencies. Please refer to your state or local agencies for additional information.

If a self-quarantine measure is in effect for a given region, an onsite response will be limited to Emergency level tickets affecting entire organizations.

Remote Workforce

Expanding on our previous article discussing remote workforce options, TMPros has established a best practice implementation program for new and existing customers.

Feature Comparison

VPNCloud DesktopOn-premise VDI/RDSRemote Desktop GatewayLogMeIn/GoToMyPC/TeamViewer
AccessLimited Access ControlsGranular Security Per UserGranular Security Per ServerEquivalent to On-premise ControlsNot Enterprise Ready
ApplicationsLimited by connecting PC.Installed by design and individual requests.Applications set per server.Already installed on your work PC.Already installed on your work PC.
AvailabilitySolution DependentAlways OnDependent on on-premise infrastructure.Dependent on on-premise individual user PCs.Dependent on on-premise individual user PCs
Support IncludedNoYesNoNoNo
ProsLow CostScalability
Reduced Complexity
Reduced Complexity
Low Cost
ConsVulnerableConnectivity DependentInfrastructure Dependent
Resource Requirement
Requires PC On-PremiseCost
Considered a security risk

Implementation Timeline

Every business is different. The implementation timeline will depend greatly on the environment that already exists.

VPNCloud DesktopOn-Premise VDI/RDSRemote Desktop GatewayLogMeIn/GoToMyPC/TeamViewer
New ClientsVariable8 Hours3 Days (1)2 Days8 Hours
Existing ClientsVariable8 Hours2 Days (1)4 Hours4 Hours

(1) Plus any required hardware acquisitions. Some environments may already have the required resources.

Estimated Costs

TMPros currently supports all of these options. Every organization has different requirements, but really, for most small businesses it comes down to cost. Predominantly TMPros recommends Remote Desktop Gateways for urgent preparation for the Coronavirus pandemic; however, organizations that are preparing for a permanent remote or multi-site workforce TMPros recommends the Cloud Desktop option.

VPNCloud DesktopOn-Premise VDI/RDSRemote Desktop GatewayLogMeIn/GoToMyPC/TeamViewer
New Clients$400 + $30 per user + licensing$30 per user + $100 per user per month
Estimated labor $1600 + licenses + hardware.$800 + $30 per user$30 per user +
$360-$4,800 per year per PC
Existing Clients$400 + licensing$100 per user per monthEstimated labor $800 + licenses + hardware.$800 + $10 per user$10 per user + $360-$4,800 per year per PC
5-Year OutlookInitital Implementation + Licensing costsKnown Monthly Expense (Support is Included)Implementation Costs + Infrastructure Cost + Support CostsImplementation Costs + PC Upgrades + Support CostsImplementation Costs + PC Upgrades + Support Costs + License Fees

Calculating an organization’s long term cost can be a complex equation. If you are just looking to add the ability for your employees to connect to their office PCs, then a Remote Desktop Gateway is the lowest cost option. If you’re looking to centralize your desktop strategy and make it bulletproof in a pandemic or other natural disaster, then Cloud Desktop is the way to go.

Getting Started

Availability is subject to change based on demand and individual organization requirements. Do not wait, start your conversation today by chatting with one of our engineers right now.

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