Hardware and Software Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

As supply shortages are increasingly common, it may be necessary to procure computer and network hardware from an outside source. If a purchase is reviewed for compatibility prior to its purchase, configuration costs may be reduced. If a product is acquired without the review of TMPros engineers a setup fee of $200 per device will automatically be charged, plus the cost of any hardware or software required to bring the devices in question to minimum standards.

Requesting An Estimate

Submit a ticket regarding a request for new hardware and/or software. Please include the use case for the devices and/or software. If you have a requested model, please include this as well. Requests will be reviewed by our engineers for appropriate action.

Requesting a Solution Review

Submit a ticket including all of the documentation you have on the solution you would like reviewed. For expediency, be sure to include:

  • Detailed hardware listing
    • Model numbers
    • Quantity
    • Pricing if you would like it reviewed as well
  • Details on how the solution will be used and by whom
  • Security requirements
  • Timeline requirements
  • Any other pertinent information

For more information contact your account executive.