SCADA IT Computing and Networking Support

Peace of mind for critical infrastructure.

SCADA IT Computing and Networking System. The TMPros difference.

TMPros has been supporting SCADA IT Computing and Networking system for years. We have the experience to properly and securely integrate our multi-faceted tool sets into SCADA infrastructure in any environment. We have worked with municipalities, cities, and military to adhere to all governing regulations and certifications.  TMPros is also highly experienced in Cyber Security, Enterprise Infrastructure, and Disaster Recovery to name a few.

24/7/365 Monitoring for SCADA IT Computing and Networking Systems.

  • Auto SMS, E-mail, ticket generation up to the minute for any event.
  • Highly detailed information to quickly identify any issue.
  • Proactive approach monitoring computing CPU, Memory, Disk utilization and will set alarms if goes over set thresholds.
  • As with computing, we take a proactive approach monitoring Network Devices and Utilization also with set thresholds.
  • Network Device Discovery
  • SNMP Monitoring where applicable
  • User Roles and Access Controls
  • Automated Inventory
  • Live and Historical Performance Data
  • Netflow Data and Analytics
  • Configuration analysis and management
  • Windows ad Linux compatibility
  • Custom application checks and logging

Get highly detailed reporting to any granularity you would like.

  • Automated reports of computing infrastructure sent to you at any interval requested.
  • Automated reports of tickets generated either ones that were automatically created or by request.
  • Incident reports as needed and within regulation standards.
  • Reports on request for historical performance data.
  • Reports covering configuration on computing and network configuration.
  • Auditing reports that cover user roles, access permissions, and changes.
  • Critical Event Reporting
  • Risk Intelligence Reporting
  • Patch Management Reports
  • Anti-Virus/Web Filtering Reports (if implemented)

SCADA Vendor Relationships; A continuous cycle. 

  • We will have regularly scheduled meetings with SCADA vendors for updates and planning.
  • At no point will TMPros make any changes unless approved by vendor and customer.
  • TMPros will be onsite at any customer if a change is approved and scheduled.
  • We will report to vendor any anomaly in the IT Infrastructure supporting the SCADA systems.
  • In addition, we will report to vendor any critical patching that should be done to both computing OS and networking equipment. Nothing will be pushed to customer unless it is signed off by both vendor and customer.
  • TMPros will notify vendor in case of any hardware failures that require onsite replacement.

Full access to TMPros dashboards to get a bird’s eye view.

  • Secure MFA access to dashboards to get instant information from both computing and networking nodes.
  • Ability to see on-the-fly bandwidth utilization and events from any network node.
  • Ability to see configuration as well as any changes made to network devices.
  • Get full configuration details of any computing node.
  • Create any custom check or script with ability to alert via SMS, e-mail, and ticket creation.
  • Ability to strictly control any patch.
  • Generate instant device inventory
  • Ability for the user to generate reports as needed.
  • “at a glance” see device uptime as well as last response time.
  • add SNMP checks for any SNMP enabled device.