Blink End User Reset Guide

Account Lockout Monitoring and Reset

Blink provides users with self-service password resets. Blink will also proactively monitor your account and notify you when a lockout has occurred. When a lockout has occurred you will receive a notification on your mobile device lock screen (notifications for the app must be enabled) advising your account has been locked out. You can then request a new password or unlock your account within the Blink App.

Reset using Blink App

  1. Your account is locked and a notification is received on the lock screen.
  2. You can jump immediately into the Blink App by going through the notification and will be brought directly to the authentication screen.
  1. You are notified that your account has been locked out and are presented with the options of unlocking the account or resetting the password.
  1. If you select Unlock Account, Blink will unlock the account and allow for additional login attempts. Selecting Reset Password will take you through the reset process and provide you with a new password.

Reset via SMS

  1. Send a text only containing the word Reset to +1 855-391-7277 or +1 443-747-7277.
  2. You will receive a text containing a new password to log in with.

SMS will be charged as per your mobile carrier charges (international charges may apply if you are outside of the USA).