Sennheiser SDW 5016 (507016) Single-Sided Wireless DECT Headset for Desk Phone Softphone/PC& Mobile Phone Connection Dual Microphone Ultra Noise-Canceling, Black, 3 inches

Sennheiser SDW 5016 (507016) Single-Sided Wireless DECT Headset for Desk Phone Softphone/PC& Mobile Phone Connection Dual Microphone Ultra Noise-Canceling, Black, 3 inches

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Brand Sennheiser
Model Name IMPACT SDW 5016
Color Black
Form Factor On Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, DECT
  • Meets challenges: our hub improves modern workplaces by providing a communication tool that exceeds users’ Expectations for multi-device usability and Premium security
  • Multi-device connectivity: Connects to Softphone/PC, desk Phone, and mobile phone, While also optimized for major cu brands and Skype, to give you the ultimate freedom in Communication
  • Enhanced clarity: with Super wideband sound & noise-canceling technology, This two-microphone business headset provides crisp, natural sound for crystal-clear
  • Advanced security: This hands-free Office headset keeps all conversations confidential with 128-bit authentication and DECT security certification
  • Fluid Conferencing: connect up to 4 wireless sennheiser headsets or wired headsets to a single 5016 base station to make Conferencing as simple as it should be
  • Active Gard Technology: featuring patented Hearing protection to defend against acoustic shock caused by sudden sound bursts
  • Peace of mind: with a 2-year on all headsets (including batteries), you never have to worry about the quality of your office headset
  • Cloud-based: sennheiser headset up Pro Manager puts it managers in control of all sennheiser devices and manages assets, updates, and configurations
  • Improve collaboration: move freely around the office building, up to 590 feet with line of sight, while still being connected to your communication systems
  • All-day use: with 3 Choices of wearing styles, and extra soft leatherette ear pads, The 5016 Office headset provides maximum comfort for even the longest of work days
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When business demands only the best in performance, look no further than the Sennheiser SDW series. With supreme wearing comfort, a wide choice of wearing styles (Headband, Ear Hook, or Neckband), and an ultra-noise cancelling microphone, the iconic design of the SDW series puts it in a class of its own. As voice quality plays a vital part of our day-to-day conversations, choosing the right office headset solution to ensure the communication experience is as close to natural face-to-face conversations as possible is paramount. With a reduction in disruptive background noise, the voice quality for both speaker and listener is dramatically improved, increasing understanding and overall efficiency. Designed with quality components for durability and comfort, our intuitive headset-based call management, generous talk time, easy charging and conferencing abilities make Sennheiser wireless DECT business headsets simply the best tools for the job. Combine these high-performance features with the flexibility of dual connectivity to both desk phone and softphone/PC all to give you have the ultimate in professional business headsets. With purchase of an Sennheiser USB dongle, you can upgrade your device from dual-connectivity to multi-connectivity. Choosing the right SDW: SDW 5015 – This headset is designed for users who require dual-connectivity to a computer and a desk phone to allow them to choose their own constellations SDW 5016 -This headset is designed for users who require dual-connectivity to a computer a desk phone, and a mobile to allow them to choose their own constellations. Also optimized for Skype and all Major UC Brands Sennheiser offers a 2-year on all headsets (including battery).

From the manufacturer

sennheiser sdw 5016 headset sennheiser wireless headset sennheiser enterprise solution sdw 5016
sennheiser sdw 5016 headset sennheiser wireless headset sennheiser enterprise solution sdw 5016
sennheiser sdw 5016 headset sennheiser wireless headset sennheiser enterprise solution sdw 5016
sennheiser sdw 5016 headset sennheiser wireless headset sennheiser enterprise solution sdw 5016
sennheiser sdw 5016 headset sennheiser wireless headset sennheiser enterprise solution sdw 5016
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1.74 lbs
Dimensions 6.77 × 4.8 in


Item Weight

‎1.74 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎6.77 x 6.77 x 4.8 inches

Item model number

‎SDW 5016


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)



Material Type


Number of Items



‎Multiple wearing styles

Manufacturer Part Number

‎SDW 5016



Date First Available

July 1, 2018



Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Sennheiser SDW 5016 (507016) Single-Sided Wireless DECT Headset for Desk Phone Softphone/PC& Mobile Phone Connection Dual Microphone Ultra Noise-Canceling, Black, 3 inches

  1. Mc

    This is a great headset with great range and sound quality. There are a few setbacks that might be deal breakers for some.Pros:1. Range is more than you will ever need. These will work through walls, floors, and whatever else the average person might encounter. I wore these and walked couple hundred feet to check the mail and didn’t have a single skip on the connection.2. Sound quality is great. The super wide band sounds amazingly clear. I had the Savi w745, which was great except for the sound quality. It was difficult to understand person on the other side and impossible when there are other difficulties involved.3. Noise cancellation works really well. I had vacuum running in the other room and it didn’t pick up any sound from it at all.4. Functionality of the dock is great. You can merge the different connections together and has an indicator on the base if you’re on mute.5. Easy controls with confirmation on the headset itself. The volume up and down toggle has a single beep after each change. If you push in the volume toggle, it will say mute on/off. When it states mute on/off, it turns the volume of the incoming audio down. Because of this, it would be much better if they can speed up when it says mute on/off or just change it to double beep for on and triple beep for off so you don’t miss anything that is said6. Sleek looking dock that shows battery level and has rapid charging. The dock has magnetic so it will align and charge easily.Cons:1. Bluetooth implementation is really bad. It is done through a usb dongle that your bluetooth device is connected to and then it passes that signal to the headset via DECT. The problem is that the bluetooth connection is always on and always passing the signal regardless of what the status of the headset is. As long as my phone was in the vicinity of the dock, it will connect to the dock. This is an issue because if you are using your phone with another bluetooth device/earbud, it will automatically change to the dock. This means you will all of a sudden lose audio but your phone still shows everything is working. The Savi would only pass the signal if the headset was off the dock. This should be a simple software/firmware update fix but it has not happen yet.2. Update: Although I still don’t think this as comfortable as headsets specifically designed for over the ear (hook), I found that but molding the ear hook to be very tight helps keep it in place much better. This does have the drawback of causing discomfort (from the tightness) after an hour or so of use. Also, you can change the silicone/rubber ear tip to one that directs the sound forward to the ear canal that I found to be a significant improvement. Not only can I lower the volume to half of what I was using with the stock tips, but it also gives a better seal and makes it easier to understand/hear what is being said. You do have to be careful with what aftermarket eartips you use though. Some might be too thick and prevent yoru headset from charging while docked.Over the ear hook isn’t very secure. If you’re not moving, it is okay but even turning the head will have the headset flop around. If you want a convertible/over the ear style, I would recommend to get something that was specifically built for that such as the Leitner LH280/LH380 or any of the Savi. Although I had sound quality issues with the Savi and Leitner was similar to Savi.3. Battery life was only around 5-6 hours at the most for me, which is slightly short for some use cases.4. Bluetooth USB Dongle always blinks blue LED every few seconds regardless of setting. It doesn’t matter if any devices are connected or not, it always blinks the blue LED every few seconds. When it pairing mode, it blinks rapidly. It should only blink when it is pairing, since it already has a white LED on the front of the base that would show it is in use.

  2. Kenneth Henry

    Bottom line is this is a wonderful headset and DTEC setup for a home office or even in a cubical setup in the office. Having the mobility to talk and tend to children on late calls or for whatever the reason is fantastic.The down side, I am on my third one. The battery in the SDW 120 HS is very very difficult to find a replacement for. The first two lasted a year before I had to replace the whole thing. Why you might ask? Because the cost of finding just the headset is about half of the entire thing. The shipping times are always very long as well.I would recommend buying the headset and the second it arrives head over to CDW (the only place I found that sells that batteries) to order a 4 pack of batteries and this will last you a long time. No complaints outside of the battery.

  3. jschamp

    I spent 6+ years using a Plantronics Savi headset that could be used with my cell phone, desk phone, and computer for Zoom/Skype/Teams/Webex meetings. I’ve worked in office environments and started working from home around 5 years ago. For the last several years, I’ve spent a significant amount of time on calls and web meetings, so I used the Plantronics extensively. The only reason I bought this Sennheiser unit is that the battery in the Plantronics would no longer hold a charge well and I couldn’t get more than an hour or two of talk time. I say all this to say I have some specific expectations for a headset. This Sennheiser unit sounds good and even looks relatively good. BUT, it has shortcomings. They are, in no particular order:1. Bluetooth doesn’t turn off when the headset is in the charging cradle. A few times, I’ve pulled up in my garage and parked and before I even get out of the car, my phone has connected via Bluetooth to the Sennheiser. Obviously, if the headset itself is in the charging cradle, I don’t want a call to switch to it. Plantronics solved this years ago with a firmware update that turns off Bluetooth on the base when the headset is charging.2. Mute button/volume rocker. To mute, you push a tiny button in, but not up or down. It’s a terrible, uncomfortable, and error-prone design. Who designed this!?3. “Mute On / Mute Off” notifications. When you mute or unmute, a very nice-sounding lady says “Mute On” or “Mute Off.” But she says in very slowly. So slowly that if you’re on a call with a fast talker, it can cause you to miss some of what the other person is saying. It can be changed to beeps, but even the beeps are slow and obtrusive. So as to exercise good meeting etiquette, I sometimes mute and unmute frequently, and between the hard-to-use button and these obnoxious notifications, it can get infuriating. This is really why I’m sending it back and buying another Plantronics.4. Physical design. The base station and headset both look reasonably attractive. But if you ever need to it the Bluetooth button to force a Bluetooth pairing–like when you turn off Bluetooth on your phone for example to get a call back the headset has kidnapped from you while you’re still in the garage–then you have to locate and push a tiny button on the SIDE of the unit at the end of a protruding Bluetooth dongle. Bluetooth seems to have been an afterthought on this device. The dongle looks completely out of place and is difficult to use. Seriously, who designed this!?5. LED indicator lights. There are four lights that indicate the battery level. Neat. But the much more important lights you need to see at a glance–that indicate which source you’re patched into (computer, Bluetooth, or desk phone) are thin little slats that are on the flat, shiny part of the base near the fold and if you have any light in your room at all, chances are they will be difficult if not impossible to see. The red arrow in my picture is pointing to a light that’s on but you can’t see it. This is the other reason I’m sending it back.6. Powered by USB. I plugged the base into USB first before connecting the wall wart and my computer found it. Neat! No need for the wall wart. But then I plugged the USB dongle in and it wouldn’t work. After much head-scratching and googling, I finally determined that you can’t use the Bluetooth dongle if the base is powered by USB only. For the love of all that is holy, who designed this!?!?!?!If I had paid $100 for this headset, these oddities, annoyances, and design flaws would be forgivable. But for nearly $300, they most certainly aren’t. It’s going back.

  4. Matthew & Mary B.

    Coming from a Sennheiser Officerunner headset I knew 2 things to expect 1. Great Sound and 2. Dependability. Not only was a blown away in both those categories. But the quality of the build of this thing is leaps and bounds above what I expected. The officerunner headset I had was great quality don’t get me wrong but this. . . It screams Professionalism. a few things I didn’t notice when I ordered was,the Buttons on the face of the face are actually Touch sensitive. There is no physical press and that is a huge upgrade from buttons on my officerunner. The base and buttons are extremely well built and pressing buttons on this thing just feels satisfying.Next thing is, When A call comes in it actually alerts me with a soft voice tone “You have an incoming call” in which ill answer or decline. This is also neat because when i tap the mute button on the base It lets me know “Mute on”. Now the officerunner never alerted me when I got a call but when i did press the physical mute button it did tell me “Mute On” but it sounded very robotic and a little loud. This is much softer and alot more of a natrual voice. I know thats not a huge deal to people but to me it was a bump up in quality and I really like it.Things to keep in mind with this headset.1. Quality is even better then I thought it would ever be.2. Setup took 15 mins from unpacking the box to setting up on pc via the Sennheiser Headsetup Pro app.3. Touch sensitive buttons on the base make it quick and easy to switch devices and mute mic.4. Charging is quick!5. Setting up bluetooth to cell phone is a breeze.At the time of me writing this there is only 4 reveiws (Including mine) but dont let that stop you. IF you are looking for the ulitmate office headset LOOK NO FURTHER. This has all you need and the quality of build on this headset is phenominal.

  5. RCH

    Had several Sennheiser Office Runner’s and loved them. This is not ready for production. Handset randomly automatically answers calls when you are wearing it….(don’t forget to take it off before heading to the bathroom!).Switching between bluetooth, USB and desk phone are cumbersome at best, and I have yet figured out how not to disconnect people when trying to switch between devices.I frequently get complaints that I cannot be heard. If the microphone volume is turned up, there is a terrible echo. Frequently, even with the side tone set to 0, I will get sometime of echo/feedback from the headset, even if not connected to any source.When on a zoom, if the phone rings, you cannot answer it. Pressing the headset button disconnects the zoom in progress and closes zoom.There are all sorts of issues with background beeps (knock-knock sounds) from the bluetooth when calls ring in from the desk phone and the mobile device rings. You cannot stop them. Ever. Can be a total distraction. Again, trying to switch between deskphone and mobile someone is getting disconnected.Switching from phone to computer is problematic. Often after being on a Zoom session, the headset lifter stops working. The base has to be unplugged from the USB and Power.For the time being I have removed the bluetooth dongle and some of the issue are better, but this is NOT ready for production.I have had many calls with tech support. They are willing to help but unable to solve any of the issue.*** UPDATE ***After almost 7 months of weekly calls and emails that started when the unit was purchased, to attempt a resolution, they are requesting I ship the unit overseas for them to examine the unit and consider it for a replacement.The ONLY reason it was not returned immediately, is I thought they could resolve the problems.***UPDATE*** Headset replaced. DO NOT BUY. Last update created Bluetooth interference that took days to figure out. Keyboard and mice in the office stopped responding. After the headset was disconnected, everything returned to normal. Also, when USB audio is used, it NEVER releases. Base must be disconnected to switch to telephone mode.Horrible software. Poorly designed. Terrible Product.

  6. T. Chu

    I purchased this to replace a Jabra DECT headset. The Jabra was still working but the battery would die after about an hour so back to back calls were impossible. The installation of the Sennheiser was fast. Clarity of inbound and outbound speech was perfect. I was able to take calls in the back yard without losing range. It’s not comparable to DECT but I really didn’t need to go down the street and still take the call. Just my backyard was good enough. Another great plus is that Skype enterprise works perfectly with this headset. It’s been 4 months and I have only praise for this headset.

  7. From33043

    I have turned the volume all the way up and all I get is about 6 out of 10 on the volume scale as to what I was Expecting. Now I have to strain to hear my customers. Everything else is 5-stars, just turn up the volume please.

  8. F.J.

    Would buy the 5066 over this model because after an hour of use. It puts significant pressure on the side of my head.Other than that, I’m satisfied with the purchase.

  9. Jacob

    I NEVER write reviews, but purchase everything based on them. This particular headset had not one review on Amazon or anywhere online and I still decided to pull the trigger. Honestly, I have had a lot of comparable headsets (Jabra Pro 970) which was good but this is fantastic. The build quality actually makes me feel like I’m getting my moneys worth. The pairing to my phone is flawless, and to switch from desk phone, to Incoming call on my cell phone it’s literally a single touch away. Equipment arrived a whole week before the last promised due date to top it all off.

  10. mitchee

    Not as great as the old office runner model. Sound quality a bit crackly.

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