Yealink WH62 Wireless Headset with Microphone for PC Computer Laptop Zoom Teams Certified Headset for Office IP VoIP Phones DECT Headset SIP Phone for Unified Communication

Yealink WH62 Wireless Headset with Microphone for PC Computer Laptop Zoom Teams Certified Headset for Office IP VoIP Phones DECT Headset SIP Phone for Unified Communication

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Brand Yealink
Model Name WH62
Color Single Ear
Form Factor On Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • No more EHS adapters needed, connect desk phone directly with one USB cable. And 2 Micro USB ports contained in the base, supporting connect with PC and phone simultaneously. Integrated deeply with Yealink IP Phones, you can just feel the crystal call experience at the moment of wearing WH62. Also work with popular UC platforms, achieving all-round collaboration.
  • Be Heard Crystal Clearly: With Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology, the two Microphones built in WH62 block the background noise automatically but ensure participant voice be heard clearly, greatly boost the communication efficiency.
  • Yealink Acoustic Shield: Deliver HD Voice With Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, the headsets could well filter out background noise by 2x microphones while you are on a call, which provides a HD voice quality for your listeners, and ensures distraction-free conversation.
  • Match Your Platform: Thanks to the broad compatibility of Yealink personal collaboration devices such as headsets, speakerphones and USB cameras, users can enjoy consistent call experience across UC platforms, which promises better communication quality, higher productivity and lower IT costs. Certified for Microsoft Teams, the devices designed with a dedicated Teams button for activating Microsoft Teams with one touch.
  • All-Day Comfort: Based on hundreds of headform evaluations and thousands of wearing comfort tests, WH62 well meets the ergonomic requirements. Besides, with premier soft leather cushions and lightweight design, you can wear it all day comfortably. For more workspace freedom.
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Product Description


Compatibility List for Voip Phone and PC, Mobile Phone

  • Voip Phone

Yealink T5 Series Phones: VP59,T58A,T57W,T56A,T54W,T53W,T53

Yealink T4 Series Phones: T48U,T46U,T43U,T42U,T48S,T46S,T42S,T41S

Yealink Skype for Business phone:MP54,MP56,MP58(v9)

Yealink Teams phone:MP54,MP56,MP58(v15)

for Poly Phone:VVX 250,VVX 350,VVX450, VVX 401, VVX 501

for Snom Phone:SNOM D765, SNOM D385

  • Softphone:

Avaya IX Workplace/UC-One/XPhone Connect/Bria/Google Voice/Google Meeting /Voice Operator Panel/Teams/Skype/Skype for Business/NEXI/Bria/Cloud Softphone/Glip/Starface/SwyxIt/TeamSIP 2go/Ucme/TVOX/UC-Client/OpenScape UC/Desktop App/Virtualpbx/Zoiper5/V18 Desktop App/Web Client/Yealink Meeting/Linkus Web Client/Linkus for Google (Chrome/Extension)/Zoom Meetings

  • PC: Windows 8 or higher; MAC 10.14.6 or higher

What Is “Yealink USB Connect” ? (YUC)

YUC is a Yealink device manage software. You can:

1.) Get an overview of connected headsets.

2.) Manage your headset (change basic/advanced settings or BT50 pair management ect.).

3.) Update your headset to enhance its performance and features.

How to Update the Firmware of WH62 headset on “Yealink USB Connect” software?


1. Installs the “Yealink USB Connect” software on your PC.

2. Connect the WH62 to the PC.

3. Go to “Update device”, do one of the step: “Check for updates” to automatically update or “Update manually”.

4. Confirm the action.

How to adjust base ringtone volume of WH62 wireless headset?

Please adjust the Base ringtone via “YUC”.

1) For PC connection , path: Device settings → Basic Settings → PC softphone → Base Ringtone Volume.

2) For desk phone connection, path: Device settings → Basic Settings → Deskphone → Base Ringtone Volume.

Can the Headset Be Taken Away during the Firmware Update?

Note: Do not disconnect the power supply or remove the headset from the base during the upgrade process, this will cause the upgrade to be interrupted.

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1.46 lbs


Item model number

WH62 Mono Teams


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

March 23, 2021

Country of Origin


Charging Time

2.5 Hours

Item Weight

1.46 pounds, 660 Grams


1 Count

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Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Yealink WH62 Wireless Headset with Microphone for PC Computer Laptop Zoom Teams Certified Headset for Office IP VoIP Phones DECT Headset SIP Phone for Unified Communication

  1. AAM

    The Yealink WH62 Wireless Headset with Microphone is a versatile and reliable communication tool designed for seamless integration with PC, computer, laptop, and popular conferencing platforms like Zoom and Teams. With its wireless functionality, comfortable design, and clear audio performance, the WH62 headset offers a convenient hands-free experience for professionals seeking reliable communication in various work environments.One of the standout features of the WH62 headset is its wireless capability. The headset connects effortlessly to compatible devices via Bluetooth, providing freedom of movement and eliminating the hassle of tangled wires. This wireless convenience allows users to attend meetings, make calls, or collaborate on tasks without being tied to their desk, making it an excellent choice for individuals who value flexibility and mobility in their work.The ergonomic design of the WH62 headset contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable user experience. The adjustable headband and cushioned ear pads provide a secure and snug fit, allowing for extended wear without discomfort. The lightweight construction further enhances the overall comfort, making it suitable for long work sessions or conference calls. The headset is also foldable, making it easy to store and carry when on the go.In terms of audio performance, the WH62 delivers clear and crisp sound quality. The built-in microphone captures voices with clarity, ensuring that your communication is heard accurately during calls or virtual meetings. The headset’s advanced noise-canceling technology effectively reduces background noise, enhancing the overall audio experience and ensuring that conversations remain clear and focused.Another noteworthy feature of the WH62 headset is its compatibility with popular conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Teams. The headset seamlessly integrates with these platforms, allowing for effortless communication and collaboration. With dedicated controls on the headset, users can easily adjust volume, mute the microphone, or answer and end calls, adding convenience and efficiency to their workflow.While the WH62 headset offers impressive features and performance, there are a few areas that could be improved. Some users have noted that the battery life could be longer, especially for those who rely on extended usage throughout the day. Additionally, the range of the Bluetooth connection could be more extensive to provide a greater range of mobility without compromising the audio quality.In conclusion, the Yealink WH62 Wireless Headset with Microphone is a versatile and reliable communication companion for professionals seeking a hands-free experience in their work environments. With its wireless functionality, comfortable design, and clear audio performance, the WH62 enhances communication and collaboration while providing the convenience of wireless mobility. Although improvements in battery life and Bluetooth range could be beneficial, the overall performance and compatibility make the WH62 a commendable choice for professionals relying on platforms like Zoom and Teams for their daily communication needs.

  2. Glen T.

    Yealink makes great business phones, we have used them for years for our travel company. But we always had to rely on a 3rd party headset, and tried them all. Trust me, don’t buy a cheap headset – you’ll buy them over and over again.Previously we had success with Sennheiser, but that company has gone through mergers and acquisitions – and tech support is pretty much non-existent.Thankfully Yealink now makes their own headsets that are pretty much plug & play … just make sure you match model numbers. They sound great, they integrate with our Yealink phones flawlessly, and have good battery life.

  3. Kerry P

    Bought this to use for my endless meetings while removing the background noises and not disturbing everyone around me. I let the wife test trial it first and she walks around a 4000 sq ft house with that thing on while on meeting and no one hears me yapping on her call, even when Im near her. The range on these things are great as shes walked out to get the mail while still talking to people and no distortion. Needless to say I won’t be getting them back and these aren’t exactly cheap, but surely worth it if you use headsets for calls

  4. Brennan

    I have been using this headset for about 2 months now and have been very pleased with the call quality, battery life, and range that this headset has. That being said the Microsoft Teams integration is useless. The dedicated button does not do anything of use. I was hoping to be able to select this button and it bring up in teams my contact list or be able to answer a call I am getting in Teams by selecting this button, but it does nothing when clicked except make an audible tone and the buttons flashes momentarily. It doesn’t even make windows prioritize Teams, if it is in the background it will stay in the background without reacting whatsoever. This is very disappointing considering this was one of the bigger selling points, I wanted to be able to recommend this headset internally to other employees because of how Teams based we are, but I am not comfortable doing so unless they improve on the teams functionalityUpdated: The customer support reached out and was very helpful in troubleshooting my issue to help improve my experience with there product. They did a great job of explaining everything to me and the intended use of those features. Overall it is a good headset and the function of the button is not going to make or break my day so I will move on without its use. I do understand and as this is not a feature that I cant live without it does not really bother me that much, everything else works as intended and it does a great job of functioning properly throughout my day. It has good quality as well, as I am a tech support technician that is constantly assisting agents with there headset and VoIP issues it is important that my headset sounds good so that the agents I am assisting feel confident that I can help them. I really appreciate the good customer service and your efforts in working with me to resolve my issue. It says a lot about your company in very good ways.Very very good customer service!6 month update!After having this headset for 6 months and it worked flawlessly, besides the before mentioned teams issue, it has just stopped working correctly. I am constantly on calls being in the IT Tech Support dept. and this headset for some reason will not hold a steady connection anymore. It sounds extremely choppy and broken up to the point where it is no longer usable. It was working fine and then after lunch one day I came back to take a call and the quality was so bad I had to switch to a different headset. Other headsets have no issue doing the exact same thing. I can disconnect and reconnect the headset and it will sound fine for about 30 seconds, but after that it goes to sh*t and sounds awful. I spent multiple days troubleshooting the issue and trying get it to work as it was my preferred headset to use but to no avail. DO NOT BUY for long term daily use.A recent firmware update seems to have fixed this issue.

  5. Squeaky

    Clear sounds both ends and gives good signal from a distance

  6. M

    Parfait travail

  7. Amazon Kunde

    Sehr gutes Headset
    Sehr gutes Headset! mit guter Sprachqualität. Funktioniert vom PC aus und vom Telefon aus.Betriebsanleitung ist etwas sehr mager. Besonders, wenn jemand kein IT Spezialist ist.

  8. Lindsay

    Updated – issue fixed and great customer service!
    I was having a technical issue with my headset, but the seller got in touch and helped me to resolve it. Really great customer service, I would highly recommend both the headset and the store.

  9. Shawn

    horrible bad product
    they disconnect all the time, we have to unplug and replug multiple times per day! at first thought it was a glitch, so we’ve now had these a little under a year and they’ve all been taken out of my call center as they can’t function properly on a regular basis, complete garbage

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